Emergency Portable Power

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The Voyager 120 is a ruggedly built, water resistant portable power system designed to be used by Emergency Responders. It can power 12 volt appliances and charge USB devices in the field. Large power poles allow for inverter docking providing portable AC power.

Each Voyager is hand assembled at the Venture Volt plant with the upmost care and attention to detail using the highest quality components available. The Voyager uses our proven Lithium Iron Phosphate 120Ah Viper power cell as its power source. A unique feature of the Voyager is that the unit is completely serviceable, including the main CPU.

The Voyager 120 stands heads above the competition in quality and design giving you years of trouble free performance!

The Voyager 120

Features & Functions

Inverter Terminals

The main output inverter terminals located on the front panel provide a high discharge connection point
for up to a 1000W inverter. The inverter can then be used to power many common AC appliances.

Round Power Ports

The two popular cigarette style output power ports located at the top of the front panel provide a
convenient port for many 12V appliances that use this type of plug. These ports are rated at a robust
12V / 15A.

USB Charge Ports

Just below the round 12 volt power ports on the front panel are four USB output charge ports designed
to charge USB devices. These ports are controlled by the on/off switch located in the upper right corner
on the front panel. The ports are all rated at 5V / 3.1A.

Victron Power Meter

The sophisticated Victron BMV 700 power meter located in the lower right corner on the front panel
accurately measures the items listed below and is factory set for a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4)

Voltage Status.
Amperage coming in while charging and out while discharging.
Wattage coming in while charging and out while discharging.
Power consumption displayed in amp hours.
The state of charge of the battery displayed as a percentage.
Power remaining in the battery displayed in hours.

Solar Charge Port

The solar charge input port is where you can plug in an 18-25V nonregulated portable solar panel as one
option to recharge the Voyager 120. The maximum size solar panel the Voyager will accept is 360 watts,
however you may use a smaller wattage panel with decreased efficiency. The panel must be
nonregulated as the Voyager contains its own charging circuitry unique to lithium battery charging. The
Voyager uses the popular SAE style connection for ease in adapting to different solar systems.

AC Charging

The Voyager includes the Viper lithium converter/charger to plug into a standard AC 120V outlet as its
main source for rapid recharging. The Viper can recharge the Voyager in as little as 5 hours at 14.6V /

Master Power Switch

The master power switch located on the side of the case is a safety feature allowing for the complete
shutdown of all systems on the Voyager. By shutting down the Voyager completely you prevent such
problems as the inverter terminals cross polarizing during transport.