Finger Cut Kit


The Finger Cut Kit contains the revolutionary T-RING, which immediately stops bleeding when slid onto any finger. With the bleeding controlled, the kit has everything you need to care for your cut finger:

Sterile Wipe, 2X2 Gauze (2), 1/2” Wound Strip (3), Bandages (2), Shower Shields (2), Instructions.


Revolutionary Would Care System

When a trip to the clinic just isn’t going to happen. No first aid kit is complete without one.

Finger Cuts Are Incredibly Common

  • Result in 20 million annual healthcare visits in U.S.
  • 10s of millions more that are self-treated
  • The most common injury sustained at home, work & play

Expensive to treat

  • Average cost for treatment exceeds $1,000!
  • Deductibles for treatment have increased, even to over $400 to $500
  • Follow up treatment for suture removal can be hundreds of dollars & require time off work