Kestrel 5500FW Fire Weather Meter Pro


The all-in-one hand-held belt weather kit replacement, including every critical weather measurement, PIG and FDFM. Measure, log, track trends and expand capabilities with free Kestrel LiNK App

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Trusted, Accurate and Connected Weather Monitoring for Firefighters.

For the past several years, we have worked with Kestrel to help bring the most accurate and error-proof weather meter to wildland firefighting. This informative video will help you see why the Kestrel 5500FW is more accurate – and reliable – then the old standard sling psychrometers. Every firefighter knows that wind, temperature and humidity drive fire behavior. Kestrel Weather Meters are now the trusted belt weather kit replacement for modern wildland firefighting. The 2016 Fire Line includes models with built-in calculation of Probability of Ignition (PIG) and Fine Dead Fuel Moisture (FDFM), features requested by wildland fire fighters.

“PRG was instrumental in the recent launch of our line of Kestrel Fire Weather Meters.  The team gave us direct, actionable advice from their own extensive experience and organized a panel of experts from across the firefighting world to make sure we were talking to the right people and getting the right information.  We were able to quickly launch a new product with confidence that it had the right features firefighters needed and then see that product adopted and put to good use keeping teams safe and making their jobs a little easier.” 
– Austin Wilcox, Senior Product Manager – Kestrel

Weight .25 oz